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Jacksonville Painting Company

Title: Jacksonville Painting Company
URL: https://www.jaxpainting.com/
Description: Interior Painting: Interior painters with a special touch. Starting with methodical planning & preparation. A painting service who exhibits customer service, craftsmanship as well as top notch painting skills; many can't comprehend. Exterior Painting Protect and renew your exterior with a fresh paint job. Add value and protection from the extreme Florida elements. Professional, quality exterior painting in Jacksonville can save headaches & costly repairs later. Residential | Commercial Picture Home Painting We treat every home as we would our own. Our home painting services are a cut above other painting services in the Jacksonville area. We have top ratings and awards for our unique home painting services. Commercial Painting Commercial painting is another service we offer. With so many commercial painting clients in the Jacksonville area; it's easy to see the professional quality on all our commercial painting projects here in Jacksonville. Picture Waterproofing Home or Business Waterproofing Houses Protect your biggest investment. Waterproofing your Jacksonville home can save money and headaches. We have waterproofed homes in Florida for over 25 yrs, even beach front properties. We are well versed in the latest waterproofing technologies and applications. Waterproofing Businesses We offer complete waterproofing systems for any commercial property. From exterior LOXON waterproofing systems to GACO roof applications; see the Jacksonville waterproofing specialists for your waterproofing needs! Picture Carpentry Custom Work | Wood Repairs Wood Repairs The harsh Florida climate can wreak havoc on your wood work. We are skilled craftsman who can repair or install wood or composite material to replace your wood rot problems. We are wood repair specialist in Jacksonville, FL. Custom Carpentry We offer many carpentry services from wood repairs to full installation; any wood working project you can dream up, we can accomplish. Professional carpentry and woodworking services. Picture Power Washing Pressure Washing | Soft Clean | Residential or Commercial Pressure Washing Pressure washing with high pressure can remove years of stains from your home, driveway, pool decks and alike. Let us power wash your troubled areas to a like new condition. Commercial pressure washing attracts business and builds moral. Soft Cleaning Many of the surfaces on or around your home or business require a low pressure soft wash. Roofs, screens, wood, vinyl are a few where you don't blast high pressure. Here, we rely on safe, yet power chemical solutions to clean. We are a full painting service and offer many painting related services that may not be listed here. Contact us to see if we offer the services you need for your Jacksonville property.