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Trials Of Osiris Boost

Title: Trials Of Osiris Boost
URL: https://www.bestdestinyservices.com/product/trials-of-osiris-boost/
Description: Trials of Osiris is a PVP endgame for Destiny 2. It’s a highly competitive 3v3 Crucible mode where players fight in round based Elimination matches. Matches are tracked by a score card that records your results. Once you have a fresh card, you’re free to play to your heart’s content. That is, until your run ends when you either get seven wins or three loses. You can enter as frequently as you like though there may be a cost to opening another card. A big focus of Trials is going flawless, or attaining seven wins without a single loss. Though there are reports of a consumable boon which forgives a single loss, meaning you could go 6-1 and still go to the lighthouse — a place the game brings you when you go flawless. Note: You must be at least Power Level 960 to access the gamemode. Power level rewards are enabled so the first few weeks may be rough. more info on Trials Of Osiris boost: The new version of Trials of Osiris comes with five unique Passages which can aid players in their climb to the Lighthouse. You can only equip one Passage at a time, but you can change your Passage at any time. However, equipping a new Passage will reset your progress, so you’ll really only want to buy one Passage per ticket. Passages cost 25,000 Glimmer and 15 Legendary Shards a pop, too, so you can’t exactly spam buy them.