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Title: sensors manufacturers
URL: https://www.rikasensor.com/
Description: Pyranometer is an instrument used to measure the power of sunlight and heat. It is mainly used in the meteorological field. Solar radiation is identified by a solar intensity meter placed on a plane. Types of pyranometer: We offer two types of solar radiation sensors: silicon-cell and thermopile pyranometers, both types are now ISO 9060:2018 Class C rated (previously known as a second class). Silicon-cell solar radiation sensor model is excellent for applications that do not require high accuracy and with a limited budget. It is with faster response time and a more competitive price. But the solar pyranometer has higher errors under cloudy conditions. Our new cost-effective thermopile pyranometers feature a blackbody thermopile detector that provides a much broader and more uniform spectral response for better performance in all atmospheric conditions.