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Macujo Method

Title: Macujo Method
URL: https://www.macujomethod.com/
Description: A hair follicle drug test is a screen for drugs from the previous 90 days and in this section of the article we will look at the mechanisms of this test as well as discussing hair follicle drug test detection times. It is possible that this detection window of three months could be greater if the person has particularly long hair, but law and common practice only allow the first 1.5 inches of hair to be tested, covering only 90 days. Saliva tests have the most limited detection period of just 1 to 3 days while blood and urine tests have an intermediate detection range. The Journal of law and technology (from the University of Richmond School of Law) expresses that hair follicle drug test use is becoming more commonplace, particularly in the legal industry whereby court-ordered drug testing may be necessary. Such court-cases may be in relation to probation, divorce or child custody cases. These tests may be undertaken for job hiring, as part of a legal process, through sports and a range of further scenarios. Given the wide window of detectability with a hair follicle test, certain employers such truck-driving companies and for jobs law enforcement may use such a test while most employers will simply use a saliva or urinary test or possibly a blood test to screen for drugs in employees or potential workers.