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modular house

Title: modular house
URL: https://www.lidamodularhouse.com/
Description: Lida Group container house manufacturer provide many kinds of customized container house products, including folding container house (foldable container house), detachable container house, flat pack container house, expandable container house, welding container house (shipping container house) and modified shipping container house(converted shipping container house). All types of container houses can be customized by Lida Group container house supplier. Lida steel container houses are designed and developed according to the standard size of shipping container regularly. It can also be customized as per clients’ special requirement. It can be used as office, meeting room, dormitory, shop, booth, toilet, storage, kitchen, shower room and so on. Lida Container house is widely used as the labor camp or army in general contracting projects, Oil and gas field projects, Hydroelectric Projects, Military projects, mining sectors projects, and so on, which are intended for short- and long-term site mobilization.